MBA colleges in Bangalore

MBA colleges in Bangalore!


MBA colleges in Bangalore

Masters in Business Administration(MBA), is a master’s degree achieved in Business Administration. One should complete their under graduations to fulfill the eligibility criteria required to enroll in wide range of existing disciplines of MBA. A course in Management introduces students in various aspects of business administrations like Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Operations Research, Human Resources etc, which in turn are specialization subjects for any aspiring MBA candidates.

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Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most demanding course after almost any Graduate qualifications in India. While numerous institutes exist in Karnataka to satisfy the demand for MBA, only a handful of these B-Schools in Bangalore provide quality education and bring out potential leaders. It is quite difficult task to be able to shortlist these top MBA colleges in Bangalore, given that the definition of ‘top’ varies between different websites and organizations who rank them across various parameters. It gets further complicated by the fact that, lot of B-Schools make exaggerated claims just to stay relevant. It therefore becomes crucial for aspirants to understand and identify these ‘top’ B-Schools. It is necessary that they understand the criteria’s for evaluating a management school. Once these are understood, they can compare B-Schools on these criteria’s and arrive at a list of good schools that they can consider. This is a complex process which requires a lot of research and ability to use the information in a meaningful manner.

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With the objective of helping each aspirant to make the right decision without going through this complex process, Admission Square assists students with a list of Bangalore’s top B-Schools for ready reference. This list segregates MBA Colleges in Bangalore under various categories, thereby assisting the students in choosing the best set of Business Schools to apply for.

Types of MBA courses in Bangalore

  • Full-time MBA – covers a 2 year full-time on-campus course, followed by examinations
  • Executive MBA – offered for full-time working professionals with certain years of professional experience
  • Distance Learning MBA – courses held off-campus through correspondence
  • Dual MBA – a combination of MBA with other professional courses like B.E., MS etc
  • Accelerated MBA – 2 years program with intensive course burden and schedules.
  • Part-time MBA – classes hosted mainly in evenings, or weekends.


Guidelines to consider MBA colleges in Bangalore 

  1. Placements

Placements are undoubtedly one of the key criterion used by most students to select the quality of the MBA Institute they are considering to join. All students clearly have a very firm eye on the ROI in terms of salary they would get after completion of their MBA. Aspirants should have a keen interest in the quality of the job they would land and the prospects that it would bring.

  1. Quality of faculty 

This criteria helps an aspirant to judge the quality of the input they can expect at a B-School. All top MBA colleges in Bangalore make significant investments to attract and retain a top notch faculty team. Most top B-Schools have a good mix of full-time and part-time faculty members. The full-time faculty team provides the regularity and discipline that is needed over the two-year period. The part-time faculty team gives students the much needed external industry exposure, in terms of company tie-ups and access to real time projects.

  1. Student Crowd 

The quality of crowd on campus makes a huge difference on account of the interaction that students have with their fellow mates. A significant percentage of the learning at any good Business School happens outside class and fairly large part of this comes from group learning. A great deal of learning at any B-School is on account of group activities such as assignments and projects. Hence, better the crowd, richer is the learning experience. The quality of the selection process (in terms of the percentile/score cut off in the written exam, the rigorousness of the GD/Essay-writing/Interview) adopted by the institute gives aspirants an idea about the quality of the students it admits.

  1. Institute Infrastructure 

Infrastructure is the element that assists a set of buildings into a world stage, to deliver the best of quality education. Most top MBA colleges in Bangalore has State-of-the-Art computer labs, high-speed Internet connectivity, a well-stocked library with subscriptions to management journals, and classrooms furnished with audio-visual aids, which are must-haves for any acclaimed institute. A fully-residential program caters to all-round development as the period of interaction with peers and faculty is not limited to classrooms, and hence scores over a day-scholar program.

For direct admission to MBA colleges in Bangalore, contact: 07353953203 or 09731775760.

  1. Institute’s Brand

We all are aware of Brands. In today’s market of competition, we know how branded products stay apart in values, and we often pick the most recognized products, as compared to new entries, under almost any segment. Similarly, ‘brand image’ of a Management College in the student community and its acceptance in the industry circles is one of the key criterion while choosing an MBA College in Bangalore. While it can be said that it is natural for older institutes to have a better reputation than those that have started recently, we cannot always generalize the same. The situation is slightly different when a new campus is set up by an older, well-established institute.

The long-term advantages of association with a branded institute often overhauls the short-term parameters, such as ‘salary’. Aspirants should understand that the brand value of B-Schools, like the IIM’s, has the potential to open avenues and get a candidate an interview, both in the short and long terms. In fact, even long after a student has graduated from an institute, she/he will benefit from the sheer image of the institute brand.

  1. Location 

Location of MBA colleges in Bangalore, is another important criteria as placements tend to be better at institutes located in places where there is are major businesses and industries. Companies find it much easier to recruit management graduates from institutes located geographically closer to their own headquarters, rather than visiting an institute located in remote location. Location also plays a role in a B-School’s ability to attract and retain top quality faculty. The location impact is less pronounced for the top schools while it becomes more important as we move down the ratings list.

  1. Fees 

Rapid increase of MBA colleges in Bangalore, has questioned the ability of the institutions, to place students for schools apart from the top 20. While fee being charged by many of them are comparatively high, it is necessary to ensure that the return on the fee being invested also works out to be reasonable. It could, however, be said that fee may not be an issue for the top 20 MBA colleges in Bangalore. Loans are fairly easily available for studying at these schools and the ability of the students to repay their loans is also high due to the good placements offered by these schools. Banks offer collateral-free loan for all the top schools.

For direct admission to MBA colleges in Bangalore, contact: 07353953203 or 09731775760.

Top MBA colleges in Bangalore

  1. IIM Bangalore
  2. IISc Bangalore
  3. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME)
  4. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM)
  5. Christ University Institute of Management (CUIM)
  6. Dayananda Sagar Business School
  7. Alliance School of Business
  8. CMS Business School – Jain University
  9. St. Joseph’s College of Business Administration (SJCBA)
  10. Acharya Institute of Management & Sciences (AIMS)
  11. MS Ramaiah Institute of Management (MSRIM)
  12. ISBR Business School
  13. PES University
  14. Acharya Bangalore B-School (ABBS)
  15. Indus Business Academy (IBA)
  16. ITM Business School
  17. Presidency Business School
  18. NITTE School of Management

The management colleges listed above are the best choices for your pursuit for an MBA college in Bangalore. Whereas the top 5 institutes intake students only through nationwide competitive exams like CAT, MAT, GATE, XAT and SNAP tests, the remaining private institutes offer admissions through Management Quota( accepts donation for the Institutes future growth and maintenance, to provide world class educational infrastructure). We at Admissions Square are here to assist you in getting enrolled in those institutions whenever you sought help regarding your admission into best MBA colleges in Bangalore. We are readily approachable for your service and will assist you in getting admissions to career rewarding management courses in Bangalore, with the cheapest management fees, as applicable per Institute. We can suggest you the best Institute as per your budget and requirements, thereby guiding you through the entire admission process. Feel free to Call Us or fill our Contact form, we will get in touch soon.

 For direct admission to MBA colleges in Bangalore, contact: 07353953203 or 09731775760.