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Have you ever been to any tourism places recently? If yes, then I shouldn’t ask how important that ‘guide’ was to you, who accompanied and narrated the historical about the place. How he helped you revisit those moments scribed in our own past, right in front of your eyes; whilst making your visit to that destination more meaningful. You can learn, understand the significance of a tourist place, only when you get a relevant experienced guide, who lives, breathes and enhances the beauty of the place, thus your reason to travel.

When I was planning my course of life, approximately 9 years back from now, I knew I had to visit the silicon valley of India. Although there wasn’t enough guidance available as my parents weren’t that aware of education environment except within their native. I had to take the road, as I met the Alchemist. One fine day, I did set for Bangalore, along with my dad. On arrival, the evergreen atmosphere of Bangalore welcomed us with a pleasant, cool morning breeze, as our train crawled into the station. Beautiful city, big dreams all aligned themselves to help me find my dream.

The next day, my dad and I set out for the search of a good college. To our dismay, we were spoilt by the choices and didn’t understand how to benchmark so many colleges, to zero down to that One college I was destined to. We felt a real need for professional guidance, but we hardly knew anyone. Our only best effort information came from local auto drivers, who gave us information about colleges that most of the students seek for. Although I doubted on the information from auto drivers, who took us on a round trip to the entire city, yet my heart believed I was close. Finally, I made into one of the most beautiful, renowned college in Bangalore, after a lot of research and negotiations with a couple of others. Pursued my Bachelors and followed my Masters from another best among the best. Rest is all history.

Time has changed and so did Bangalore. There are number of educational Institutions today, and increasing every year. To sort out the best is like searching for a needle among haystacks. Needless to say, they should match your requirements, budget, feasibility, and ethnicity too. In short, you do need a guide to help you take an informed decision, rather make a hasty one and repent for life. The education industry is full of people and institutions telling you what you have to do to set your future perfect; to land that dream offer from a such and such company.

I don’t believe in “have to’s”, I encourage every student to follow their dreams, as they already know the true path. I believe in the fundamental fun and value of hitting the road with only your wits and research. That said, I can also understand the value an experienced, knowledgeable and outgoing guide can offer, from lowering language barriers to recommending the best affordable institutions, which otherwise would stay hidden under some of the few big names. Being a freelancer consultant, I am passionate towards assisting students, parents seeking direct admission consultancy, to help them take the journey and save time from blind research.

Admissions Square, since 2013, has provided quality service towards management quota admissions, by understanding student needs, and thereby acknowledging them with relevant choices, which has helped them to take an informed decision towards pursuing their higher education. We are a Bangalore based direct admission consultancy service specialising in Management Quota admissions and relevant career counselling. We can make your admission experience a wow while offering committed and reliable services. Admissions through management quota, across various colleges in Bangalore, spanning entire Karnataka is available now just a call away. While we being at your arms reach, you get your requirements served, just as you need it.

Who am I?  I am Sunando Das.

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