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Direct Admission Information

Welcome to Admissions Square. We discuss here about the alternative of getting admission through Entrance Exams, to get an entry into prestigious institutions through direct admission.

Direct Admission

Direct Admission is the process/procedure through which an eligible candidate can get admission to his/her choice of course/s, in any of the institutions in Bangalore, teaching that discipline.

Indian education system is one of the globally recognized education system, governed by boards like CBSE/ICSE/State Boards in Secondary and Higher Secondary schooling days. Later, higher education is governed and strictly regulated by various councils like AICTE, MCI, DCI etc. These governing bodies of our country thereby specifies highly structured, predictable and controlled education infrastructure which generates high quality, competent, educated human beings, demanded worldwide.

In India we have two types of institutions, one owned and subsidized by government (aided) and other owned by private trusts (un-aided). Each year, India produces lakhs of students who completes their 12th and steps ahead for higher education. Government aided institutes like IISc., IIT’s, IIM’s etc are the best of the institutes in India, as well as world wide, providing education at subsidized fees. Getting an entry into such institutions are strictly filtered through Common Entrance Exams.

Similar entrance exams are being conducted by private universities/colleges to filter the best among the rest. Entrance Exams in private colleges however gives entry to approximately 50% – 60% of the seat capacity. These students have to pay nominal fees through out their course tenure. Remaining 40% seats are being distributed to students who wasn’t competitive enough through Common Entrance Test, but have the basic eligibility criteria(45%[PCM] – Engineering, 50%[PCB] – Medical and Dental) set by governing councils like AICTE, MCI and DCI. These students are offered a direct admission into a course, through various reserved quotas (not SC/ST/O.B.C), with additional higher premium in their fees.

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Development Fees

All reputed institutions need to maintain a strong educational infrastructure by meeting the guidelines specified by the governing councils, and thereby provide world class education and facilities. Students admitted through Common Entrance Exams pay regular, subsidized(sometimes) or scholarship fees, which are comparatively low; the students admitted through Quota seats bear an additional premium through which the institutional growth and development is supported. These fees are often termed as Admission Fees or Development Fees being paid against a direct admission seat.

Management / N.R.I Quota

The above mentioned quota’s through which a student can assure a seat in any college, are Management Quota or N.R.I Quota.

Direct admission to any of the colleges can be achieved through such quota’s which are strictly managed by the college authorities and assisted by authorized admission consultants like Admissions Square [07353953203/09731775760].

  • Management Quota: This quota is applicable for students with Indian nationality to get admission into various professional courses like Engineering, Medical, Dental, Law, Computer Sciences etc. The students may or may not appear for any entrance exams. Generally 20%-25% seats per course in a college are allocated through Management Quota[M.Q.] for direct admission. These seats are available on first come, first serve basis. The major advantage of a M.Q. seat is that, a student can choose his branch of study irrespective of his entrance exam score, otherwise students have to choose a seat through central counselling, after Entrance Exam results, where they may or may not get their choice of course, in their choice of college, thereby compromising with their future. It may prove fatal if a student don’t get his choice of course/institution. Direct admission helps in such circumstances.

Supporting documents for Management Quota admission requirements, click here.

  • N.R.I Quota: This quota seats are available for Indian nationals who are located abroad for professional purposes and their children have completed Higher Secondary education in a foreign education system. Since, these students have all rights to gain education in India, 15%-20% seats per course, in each colleges are reserved for N.R.I students. Direct admission is entertained for such students upon displaying enough evidence of eligible education qualification in his/her current assessment which is accepted by Indian governing councils like AICTE/MCI/DCI. They generally don’t appear for any entrance exam, and gets a direct admission to their choice of institutions.

Supporting documents for N.R.I Quota admission requirement, click here.

Education in Bangalore/Karnataka

There are enormous number of quality colleges in Bangalore, training students at various disciplines required by industries, thus creating the smartest professionals the world needs today. Karnataka has near about 170 Engineering Institutes, out of which there are nearly 77 colleges in Bangalore. Some well known Institutions would be IISc. Bangalore, M.S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, RV College Of Engineering, PES Institute of  Technology, Reva University, Christ University, MVJ College of Engineering, Dayananda Sagar Instituions etc. Check details about engineering colleges, here. Direct admission into any of the top private colleges in Bangalore is thus possible.

For direct admission in Bangalore, Karnataka inquiry: Contact Sunanda Das – 07353953203 or 09731775760.

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Bangalore also stands as a major player in the health care sector, where some of the best known medical institutions are housed in this city. From specialty hospitals to low cost/free of cost medical institutes are present here to serve the humanity. These hospitals bring in another set of requirements for professionals, who can help the day-to-day operations and activities across such institutes. Karnataka has about 21 MBBS Institutes, among which there are 8 colleges in Bangalore; and 36 Dental Institutes, among which there are 18 colleges in Bangalore; each of which constantly delivering top quality health care professionals. Few major medical and dental colleges in Bangalore would be M.S Ramaiah Medical College, Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences, Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, RV Dental College, Dayananda Sagar Dental College etc. For details about medical colleges and dental colleges, click on respective links.

Bangalore is also famous for its climate which provides a soothing environment for learning. Mix of cultural diversity and ethnicity thereby provides students a home away from home, where learning and enjoyment goes hand in hand. Each institution assist their students with 100% placement assistance, and thereby provide enough opportunity for the student to get on board a corporate giant. Expenditure during study tenure is quiet affordable across many institutions, which shouldn’t be of hindrance, as bank loans are readily available against most of the college courses. Presence of multiple industries in Bangalore thereby provides a lot of job opportunity in all the sectors a student wants to pursuit their careers.

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