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Colleges in Bangalore

Welcome to the knowledge city, Bangalore. A cosmopolitan city known for its vibrant culture and history. Bangalore is one of the popular destinations from across the globe, connecting all the tourists attractions in Karnataka, availing affordable medical facilities to most sensitive medical conditions and for world-class museums, theaters, shopping complexes. From spectacular waterfalls to awesome beaches, all are within easy driving distances.

Career oriented students and professionals thus thrive to be in Bangalore. It’s a major centre for Information Technology, E-Commerce, Biological Sciences, Finance, Commerce, Research and Business. All IT majors are headquartered here, providing a huge surge in employment in our country. Big players in other domains like finance, biological sciences, e-commerce etc. are also operating right from here. To support their existence and meet the constant demands for skilled professionals, Bangalore is home to some of the finest academic institutions in the world, attracting nearly hundred thousand university students from across the country and all parts of the world year after year.

There are good number of colleges in Bangalore, training students at various disciplines of the industry, thus creating the smartest professionals the world needs today. Karnataka has near about 170 Engineering Institutes, out of which there are nearly 77 colleges in Bangalore. Some well known Institutions would be IISc. Bangalore, M.S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, RV College Of Engineering, PES Institute of  Technology etc. Check details about engineering colleges, here.

As stated earlier, Bangalore also stands as a major player in the health care sector, where some of the best known medical institutions are housed in this city. From specialty hospitals to low cost/free of cost medical institutes are present here to serve for humanity. And these hospitals bring in another set of requirements for professionals, who can help the day-to-day operations and activities across such institutes. Karnataka has about 21 MBBS Institutes, among which there are 8 colleges in Bangalore; and 36 Dental Institutes, among which there are 18 colleges in Bangalore; each of which constantly delivering top quality health care professionals. Few major medical and dental colleges in Bangalore would be M.S Ramaiah Medical College, Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences, Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, RV Dental College, Dayananda Sagar Dental College etc. For details about medical colleges and dental colleges, click here.

Bangalore is thereby known to be the knowledge capital of India employing approximately 3 – 4 lakh people in the knowledge industry itself. All major developments centered to knowledge are being concentrated in Bangalore. In 2015 budget, proposal for a new IIT is also being made to be housed in Karnataka, and much likely it’s going to be built in Bangalore. Hence, most of the colleges in Bangalore are now equipped with the best of technological resources, foreign collaborations and state-of-the- art facilities to provide the best of the learning experience a student deserves.

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